Our Strength

Our Advantages

We are a professional automobile connector production enterprise, we have advanced production technology and technology, have many years of production experience and technology accumulation, can provide customers with high-quality automobile connector products.

Mold Development

We have thousands of kinds of car connectors, terminals and seals. In order to better cooperate, we pay attention to technological innovation and product research and development, and develop more than 20 new moulds every year to meet the changing needs of customers. Our research and development team has rich industry experience and professional skills, and can develop better new products.

Testing Equipment

3.Our company has a batch of high-precision and high-efficiency testing equipment, which can conduct comprehensive and step-by-step testing of products to ensure the quality and performance of products.

Support OEM

We support customers to provide OEM services. We can produce and process products according to customers' requirements to meet different needs of customers.

Service and After-Sales Service

We always adhere to the service concept of "customer first" and have a good service attitude towards customers and after-sales treatment to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.